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Mixing and Agitating Solutions

Teralba Industries, through its key brands Mixquip®, Rummager®, and Statflo™, offers a comprehensive range of fluid process mixing systems and agitator mixers for use in an extensive number of industrial applications, providing solutions for agitation systems to suit your manufacturing requirements.

Mixquip Clamp-On Mixer Types of industrial mixers available from Teralba include:

  • Clamp-on
  • Anchor
  • Drum
  • Intermediate bulk containers
  • Stainless steel tote units

Agitator mixer styles from Teralba include:

  • Top entry
  • Standard, portable and miniature side entry
  • Base entry

Other solutions available from Teralba include Statflo™ inline industrial mixers, emulsifiers, ribbon blenders and lab process mixing systems. To discuss the best option for your application, contact us today on 1300 20 70 20.

Custom-Engineered Solutions

Side Entry Free Standing Our engineering staff will work directly with you to determine your needs, knowing that the correct type and degree of agitation is a crucial factor in almost every processing operation.

These close customer relationships ensure that our products are manufactured to meet exact requirements for each specific application.

Engineering staff take into consideration the capacity, size and geometry of vessels, heat transfer requirements, product viscosity and operating pressures. They then select from a vast range of options to provide the best choice in solutions for the application type and the size of the agitating unit required for the job.

Energy-Efficient Impellors

A wide range of agitator impellors are available to suit any process requirement, including the energy-efficient powerful Superflo™ impellor.

We offer a range of impellor designs which incorporate advanced technology and are selected to provide optimum processing capacity with minimum energy usage. Used across Teralba's range of process mixing equipment, these have a reputation for high quality craftsmanship in design, fabrication and installation. Combined with know-how and concern for client satisfaction, we provide systems that will meet your processing needs today and for years to come.

Our proprietary agitator mixers have been proven to increase effectiveness and overall productivity within the manufacturing cycle by surpassing client needs.

These systems have been successfully installed in many and varied applications which include detergent, pharmaceuticals, beverage, chemical, food, agricultural, and waste water applications.

For more information Teralba Industries' extensive range of industrial mixers, call us today on 1300 20 70 20.

Clamp-on Mixers

Clamp On MixerMixquip® clamp-on agitators can be fitted quickly and simply to open top tanks, turning a basic storage facility into an efficient mixing vessel. These portable pneumatic or electric clamp-on mixers are designed with flexibility in mind and are suitable for mixing fluids of light to medium viscosity materials. Operating angles are easily adjusted for the most efficient mixing position for each application. All Mixquip® clamp-on agitators incorporate advanced safety features, such as flameproof motors electrical isolator switches and variable speed controllers as part of our extensive range of mixing equipment.

Australian made quality mixers that can be used to blend and mix any liquids of viscosities up 15,000 cPs. They can be simply fitted to all open top tanks up to 8,000 litres and relocated to additional vessels. For ease of use, they include swivel joint assembly allowing shaft angle adjustment to be varied by up to 30° in two planes obtaining optimum mixing position. Use one vessel for multiple duties with variable speed-electric or pneumatic drives - blend ingredients, maintain solutions in suspension; disperse powders into liquids, all from the one adaptable mixer.

Clamp OnIn the face of a universal energy conscious society, and ever-increasing energy costs, many Australian and New Zealand manufacturers and service providers are utilizing the efficient Mixquip® agitators and stirrers for the effective mixing and blending of quality products and processing. With these current demands, Mixquip®, has developed high energy efficient clamp-on mixers with a low shear rate which in turn reduces the power consumption by returning as much as 65% more agitation per kilowatt over and above other conventional agitator units.

All Mixquip® Clamp-on mixers have Stainless Steel wetted parts and have been successfully installed into many and varied applications, including food, dairy, meat process, beverage, wine, soft drink, juice and now extending to dangerous substances such as alcohol, ethanol and other potentially flammable products which require mixing.

Operating Principle:
The installation of a Mixquip® Clamp-on Mixer can change any open top tank into an efficient mixing vessel. The powerful liquid stream created by the Superflo™ propeller produces effective top and bottom turnover whilst rotating the tank contents for uniform mixing in the shortest possible time.


  • Flexible design - The unit incorporates a universal clamp assembly that accepts a wide range of motors or gear-motors. The unique mounting clamp enables shaft entry angle variation of up to 30° in two planes. Easily adjustable - allows the optimum mixing position.
  • Hygienic Construction - All components in contact with the product are manufactured from 316 grade Stainless Steel. Other corrosion resistant materials are available for specific applications.
  • Propellers - A wide range of propellers are available to suit any process requirements. The propeller designs contain advanced fluid flow characteristics, resulting in improved performance and higher blending capacity. Each propeller is individually selected to suit product viscosity, intensity of mixing and tank size.

Mixquip® Clamp-on Mixers can effectively mix or blend an extensive range of viscosity liquids in many industries such as processing dairy foods, fruit juices, sugar syrups, detergents, shampoos, adhesives, chemicals etc.

Technical Advice:
The correct mixer can save time and give optimum results with every mix, providing your business with effective solutions that will assist in meeting your specific needs and requirements. Call your Mixquip® representative for assistance in selecting the correct mixer for your application.

Anchor Mixers

The Mixquip® Anchor Mixers are principally used on medium to high viscosity products and are commonly used in the chemical, biochemical, and food industries because of their ability to promote the homogenization of viscous fluids and heat transfer. They force product movement through the complete batch rather than just around the mixer shaft. The primary paddle and anchor keeps the product on the move. Contra- rotating anchor mixers will have a secondary agitator which provides the shearing/beating/pumping action depending on the type of blade selected. The main duty of the anchor mixer is to improve the heat transfer from the jacketed bowl to the product. Teflon scrappers are also part of our range, these help control cooking times and limit product burn-on. Through high shear forces, the dissolver initiates the elimination of agglomerates in the product.

The dual shaft mixer includes an anchor agitator and a high-speed disperser. The anchor feeds product into the high-speed disperser blade and ensures that the mixture is constantly in motion. The anchor can be provided with scrapers to remove materials from the interior vessel walls to enhance the heat transfer capabilities of the mixer. Both agitators are available for variable speed operation. A second high-speed dispersion mixer can also be added for increased shear. Multiple blades on each of the disperser shafts can also provide added mixing.

Drum Mixers

Top Mount Drum MixerBasically comprising a container, an agitator blade and a motor (with variable speeds), blending in drums of any size or configuration has never made been simpler. Effective for complete, optimum mixing of liquids throughout the drum in short time periods, drum mixing is common in industrial processes. Blending various supplies to produce a homogenous mixture is generally the result of combining dry material to distribute them uniformly such as when multi-cereal ingredients are combined. The drum mixers address product separation and suspension issues and provide uniformity and quality of product.

Drum mixers are used in industries like pharmaceutical, chemical, food, wine and beverage. Mixquip® offers a variety of options with its drum mixers, from its standard range incorporating pneumatic drive (variable speed) and electric drive options (240V and 415V), bung or open top mounted configurations. Each mixer features a Stainless Steel shaft and mixing impeller(s). Ask us to customise the mixer to meet your particular requirements and specifications.

Mixquip® styles of Drum Mixers:Drum Mixers Situation

  • Bracket Mount Drum Mixers

  • Drum Lid Mixers

  • Drum Bung Mixers

  • Typhoon Mixer -open top.


  • Option between fully air operated or electrical motor versions.
  • High powered 240V or 415V electric motor options.
  • Variable speed models.
  • Easily attached and inserted into drums.
  • Collapsible blades swing out by centrifugal force when rotating.
  • Highly efficient axial flow impeller.
  • Very effective for all kinds of fluids that require agitation.
  • Quantity and position of blades can be varied to suit your requirements.
  • Wetted parts made from Stainless Steel.

IBC Tote Mixers

IBC Tote UnitIBC (intermediate bulk containers), also known as tote mixers, are used effectively for storage, transport, mixing and blending of liquid ingredients and chemicals, and keeping the contents stirred prior to use. They are ideal for a variety of applications, including stirring, agitating, mixing and homogenising viscous liquids and high settled solid slurries, and wetting and dissolving powders. If you are mixing or blending in these totes the mixer impeller must fit in the top screw cap opening. IBC mixers typically come with a screw cap mount to fit the top of the tote or a heavy-duty bridge mount, which fits on top of the tote cage. Mixing impellers are typically 14.60 centimetres diameter for direct drive mixers and for higher torque gear drive tote agitators use a folding collapsible mixing impeller that fits through the six-inch opening. The impeller opens up when mixing in the tote to its full diameter, which is typically in the 25.5-40.5 cm range depending on product viscosity, density, and mixer kw and speed. Single or double mixing impellers can be used on an IBC blender.

PT Rummager® Pallet Tank Agitator:

IBC ToteThere's no doubt that the pallet tank has revolutionized bulk liquid transport/storage. Pallet tanks are economical, safe and easily moved whilst full.

Air-driven, lightweight and easy to install, the PT Rummager® makes short work of blending low viscosity fluids and will lift sediment off the base of the container and re-suspend or condition your products for processing. Fold out impellor blades with parabolic shaped trailing edges based on our proven Superflo™ design generates powerful axial currents. These sweep through the container and push liquid to the base of the pallet tank, across the floor and up the sides, generating an ideal tank contents turnover.

The list of liquid material able to be mixed by these units is as diverse as water, detergent, polymers, oils, food flavours, dangerous and corrosive liquids including acids and thinners.

Compact design and in-tank location makes the Rummager® simple to install and space saving. Being air driven, the PT Rummager® has infinitely adjustable speed and as easy to plug in as any pneumatic operated appliance. It also enhances the continuous running feature that is particularly useful where the material must remain in motion day after day.


  • Light weight and easy to install
  • Air driven mixing motor
  • Infinitely speed driven
  • Reduces mixing time
  • Suspends sediments
  • Compact space saving design

FM Rummager® Pallet Tank Bulk Liquid Mixer:

Versatile -
FM Rummager
  • - Mixes a wide range of fluids and viscosities
  • - Turns your pallet tank into an ideal mixing vessel
  • - Self-align fitting feature
Choices -
  • - Electric
  • - Pneumatic
  • - Improved safety - suit flammable liquids
Advanced -
  • - Superflo™ market leading impellors provide maximum liquid movement from minimum energy.
Easy -
  • - Easy to fit and install
Available -
  • - Immediate delivery on most models.

Stainless Steel Tote Unit

Robust / Stackable / Aseptic / Transportable / U.N. Approved

Tote UnitThe Australian made Intermediate Bulk Container provides fluid handling solutions for many industries including food/beverage, inks, chemical and petroleum.

These stainless tote Mixquip® units replaces the cumbersome 205 litre drums and can be used either free standing or on transport, saving valuable warehouse space and eliminating drum handling. A range of accessories are available including level indication, agitation, heating, special valves etc.

Range of tank sizes:

  • SST-1 = 1000 litres
  • SST-1.5 = 1500 litres
  • SST-2 = 2000 litres

Features:Totes Stacked

  • Capacity to 2000 litres.
  • 316 stainless steel construction.
  • Standard cam lock fluid connection couplings.
  • Stackable (full) two high - transport or storage.
  • Hygienic fittings for food & beverage available.
  • One piece sloped bottom for complete drainage.
  • UN certified for transportation of dangerous goods.

Options for Usage:

  • Heating.
  • Mixing and Agitating.
  • Code compliant for transportation and storage of dangerous goods such as corrosive liquids.
  • Approved and U.N. rated for transport of flammable goods - e.g. diesel, petrol and aviation fuel.

Portable Side Entry Agitators

Portable Side Entry AgitatorsRummager® brings all the benefits of side entry agitation with a big advantage; Rummager® can be fitted and removed from a tank full of liquid. The collapsible propeller enables it to be moved through a direct pass valve (e.g. ball valve) and opens when the agitator is set in motion. Sealing is achieved with a mechanical seal. All parts in contact with the product/liquid are Stainless Steel.

Units can be moved quickly from tank to tank simply and quickly. With a choice of 240V or 415V power, the Rummager® is quite at home blending wine and many other low viscosity fluids.

The Rummager® is an agitator that can be installed and removed through a ball bearing valve with tanks full of product, without special tools. The Rummager® can be used to provide agitation in any liquid filled vessel which has an adequately installed direct pass valve with a minimum of 45mm internal bore.

The versatility of the Rummager® means it can be utilized for mixing and blending a wide range of fluids and beverages.

Standard Models:
Rummager Portable Side Entry Standard Models Table (Rummager® double sided A4 flyer).

Miniature Series Side Entry Agitators

Mixquip RummagerThis unique arrangement incorporates all the time proven advantages of Mixquip® side entry agitators with a close-coupled mounting, ideal for smaller mixing vessels and pilot plant.

Infinitely variable speed electric drive completes the picture and adds versatility to equipment.

Top Entry Agitators

Top Entry AgitatorsThe Mixquip® top entry agitator mixers incorporate advanced designs in mixing technology. These state-of-the-art series achieve ultimate blending/mixing conditions in open or closed top vessels. Blending liquids and powders, maintaining solids in suspension, ph correction and aerating products plus many other duties which are achievable by drawing on know-how and unique impellor designs.

Electric drives spanning from 40Kw units down to fractional horsepower illustrate the range of top entry agitators designed and manufactured in Australia.

Custom built ability encompasses exotic metals such as Titanium, Stainless Steel and Super Duplex alloys. Ideal for mixing corrosive or high temperature products.

Operating Principle:
The Mixquip® top entry agitator is positioned at the top of the mixing vessel to achieve controlled, uniform flow patterns ensuring the vessel contents are kept in motion for the desired mixing conditions.


  • Versatile - The Mixquip® top entry agitators are designed for fixed in-tank installation and can be attached to an integral mounting on the vessel or suspended from a support structure.
  • Low Maintenance - The Mixquip® agitators are designed to minimize maintenance. The top-entering shaft ensures that no mechanical seals are required to retain tank contents.
  • Propellers - The Mixquip® propeller designs are carefully selected to provide optimum process conditions. Each design incorporates advanced technology to provide effective liquid movement.
  • Adaptive - Shafts can be provided for most tank heights, with support provided by bearing housings with in-tank foot bearings if required.
  • Construction - The Mixquip® top entry agitators are constructed from a wide variety of special alloy materials which include modular investment castings to suit many and varied applications and individual process environments.

Why select a Top Entry Agitator:
Most open or closed top tanks can be fitted with a Mixquip® top entry agitator to provide an effective mix vessel. They are ideally suited to viscous products and can be used for aggressive applications.

The Top Entry Agitator manufactured by Mixquip® can be used for a wide range of applications; including processing for sludge, sewerage, waste water, chemicals, adhesives, slurries, detergents, concentrates, mineral processing, oils, alcohols, beverages, cream, fruit juice, jams, confectionary, chocolate etc.

Technical Advice:
With more than 30 years experience, Mixquip® is able to design, manufacture and supply a large range of mixing equipment to meet the requirements of each specific application. Call a Mixquip® representative to discuss the optimum mixing/agitation effect for your process.

Side Entry Agitators

Side EntryMixquip® side entry agitators are an advanced approach to in-tank process mixing. These Australian made agitators can now be simply fitted to blend and mix any liquids in pressure vessel mixing requirements. These highly efficient Agitators provide low-shear agitation when fitted with Mixquip® Superflo™ propellers, producing high flow while using less energy.

Mixquip® agitators have stainless steel wetted parts and have been successful in a wide range of mixing applications which include, dairy, chemical, food, wine, beverage, juice and alcohol products. They utilise an advanced design mechanical seal, to suit all high-pressure applications. Products in pressure vessels, deaerators and vacuum tanks can be blended or mixed using these innovative Mixquip® agitators.

Drives include pneumatic, fixed and variable speed, electric and flameproof. 316 grade stainless steel is utilized for all wetted parts with other alloys available for more demanding applications. Applications vary, from wine and dairy processing to waste water settle-out control.

Select our optional hygienic package, which incorporates polished product contact surfaces. Find out why Mixquip® side entry agitators are the leading edge in beverage and dairy processing.

Series 100 Side Entry Agitators:

Angular Spacer HousingThe Mixquip® MSE Model side entry agitator is an innovative approach to side entry mixing and incorporates state-of-the-art technology in agitator design and construction using composite materials resulting in improved efficiency, greater reduction in power consumption and lower shear. This series achieves as much as 65% greater blending capacity. They are cost effective, energy efficient and quiet in operation.

Operating Principle:
The Mixquip® side entry agitator is designed to direct liquid in an axial flow, away from the tank wall. Powerful axial currents are generated by energy efficient Superflo™ impellors. These currents prevent settle-out in storage vessels, achieve blending and even turnover of the tank contents resulting in an improved efficiency of in-tank heat transfer surfaces.


  • Propeller - The Superflo™ propeller incorporates state-of-the-art technology. Designed using computational fluid dynamic programs this innovative propeller provides low shear mixing with a powerful axial pumping stream.
  • Hygienic Design - The design of the Mixquip® agitator mixer provides the ultimate in hygiene by placing the mechanical seal within the wash zone of tanks fitted with in-place cleaning facilities.
  • Angular Spacer Housing - The angular spacing housing, designed and developed by Mixquip®, provides flexibility by rotating the flange faces to provide optimum mixing conditions in various tank designs and configurations.
  • Mechanical Seals - MSE Agitators incorporate mechanical seals with an emergency shut-off device to facilitate maintenance procedures or OH&S requirements.

Why select a MSE Model Side Entry Agitator:
The Mixquip® Series 100 Side Entry Agitator is ideally suited to fluids of medium to low viscosity where gentle low shear mixing or blending is required.

Mixing or blending of large volumes of liquid can also be achieved using Mixquip® Series 100 Side Entry Agitators that are smaller in size and more economical than other mixing arrangements that perform similar duties.

  • - Effective mixing or blending of additives to stored products.
  • - Excellent liquid movement past in-tank heat transfer surfaces such as coils, tank jackets and spears that reduce ice build-up or fouling.
  • - Prevents the settling or layering of stored products.
  • - Ideal for the processing of wine, milk, cream, lactose, vegetable oil, orange juice, adhesives, detergents, shampoo, etc.

Technical Advice:
With more than 30 years experience in side entry agitation, Mixquip® can provide an efficient solution for difficult application. Contact your Mixquip® representative and discuss your individual mixing/blending requirements.

Base Entry Agitators

Mixquip's® range of high shear base entry agitator mixers are designed to fit into the bottom or side of a mixing vessel. These high shear mixers are typically used in conjunction with a slow speed anchor stirrer or scraper unit for high viscosity products. The Mixquip® base entry agitator mixer gives high shear homogenization while the stirrer/scraper distributes the homogenized output uniformly through the vessel. This is ideal for high viscosity cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food products. Base Entry mixers can also be used by themselves on low viscosity products and to wet out powders.

Statflo™ Inline Mixer

StatfloStatflo™ inline mixers are used to blend two or more liquids into a homogeneous mixture, or to inject a metered liquid into a continuous process stream. Applications include: water treatment (drinking water), wastewater treatment (processing out of waste and pollutants), food processing (manufacturing of yogurt, ice cream, beverages), chemical processing, oil refining and mining/ore extraction.

Statflo™ mixers are a series of geometric mixing elements fixed within a pipe (tube), which use the energy of the flow stream to create mixing between two or more fluids. Most commonly, the fluids are liquid; however, static mixers are used to mix gas streams, disperse gas into liquid or disperse immiscible liquids. The device consists of mixer elements contained in a cylindrical (tube) or squared housing. These can vary from 6 mm to 6 meters diameter. Static mixer elements consist of a series of baffles that are made from stainless steel alloys or a variety of plastics. Typical materials of construction for the static mixer components include Stainless Steel, polypropylene, Teflon, Kynar and Polyacetal.

Statflo UnitThe overall system design incorporates a method for delivering two streams of liquids into the static mixer. As the streams move through the mixer, the non-moving elements continuously blend the materials. Complete mixing is dependent on many variables including the fluid properties, tube inner diameter, the number of elements and their design. Statflo™ in-line agitator mixers are supremely efficient and rapid in operation and are capable of reducing mixing times by up to 90%. The action of the in-line mixer can be modified with the use of rapidly interchangeable work heads. This enables any machine to mix, emulsify, homogenize, solubilize, suspend, disperse and disintegrate solids.

Whether your application involves low viscosity fluids, high viscosity fluids, fibrous materials, or just the need for a quick flash blend, we have a Statflo™ mixer design available to optimize your blending process.


  • Aeration free
  • Self-pumping
  • No bypassing
  • Interchangeable work heads
  • Sanitary construction
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reduced power requirements
  • Eliminates agglomerates and fish eyes
  • Creates stable emulsions and suspensions
  • Reduces particle size
  • Rapidly dissolves solids
  • Accelerates reactions


EmulsifierMixquip® Emulsifiers or homogeneous pumps are a high-efficiency product integrating emulsion, dissolution, refinery, disaggregation, homogenization, and emulsification. The main parts are stators and rotors. Emulsifiers are very effective in applications where a high shear is required. Thorough and efficient emulsification is achieved by a rapid mechanical and hydraulic shear of ingredients, high-speed rotation as well as centrifugal force through a perforated screen. The repeat of this process can result in stable and high-quality products.

The mixing cycle is divided into three stages, the first being when the materials are drawn into the mixing chamber and subjected to intense mixing in the chamber by the high-speed rotor. The second stage occurs when the materials are expelled through the perforated screen and subjected to intense shear at extremely high velocity by the rotor blades. The third stage is the expulsion of the processed ingredients with great force and velocity into the body of the mix or into the recycling vessel.

Suitable for free flowing liquids, food, chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, creams, fruit juices, semi-solids, waxes etc.


  • All wetted parts are 316 grade Stainless Steel.
  • External seal for sanitary operation.
  • Quick opening for easy cleaning.
  • Hygienic design.
  • Australian design and manufacture.

Mixpro®Inline Emulsifiers:

Ross Inline SLIM with HopperMixquip® inline emulsifiers are suitable for free flowing liquids, foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, creams, fruit juices, mayonnaise and purees. Inline emulsifiers can also be used as a centrifugal pump.

Mixquip® inline emulsifiers have been specifically designed for the food and chemical industries as safety, hygiene, ease of use and cleaning are primary factors of the design, giving the end user high efficiency for low cost.

Australian designed and manufactured, the Mixquip® inline emulsifiers are available in stainless steel and acts as three machines in one - an emulsifier, a disintegrator and a centrifugal pump.

Batch Emulsifiers:
Batch EmulsifierMixquip® batch emulsifiers can be supplied for suspended or fixed installation and are designed for special jacketed stainless steel tanks.

Manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel and teflon, the batch emulsifiers are available in five sizes from 0.75 kW up to 11 kW and can be supplied with Stainless Steel motors.

Powder to Liquid:
High Shear EmulsifierSolids like fumed silica, calcium carbonate, gums and thickeners are difficult to wet out and often stubbornly float on the surface of a liquid during the mixing process. Powder to liquid emulsifiers combines the mixing of powders and liquids simultaneously. The powders are directly injected into a specially engineered high-speed rotor/stator, where the powder is immediately dispersed into the liquid stream. In many applications, these new solid/liquid injection systems shorten mixing cycles by more than 50%.

This in-line system eliminates the need to dump solids directly into an open batch vessel, it virtually eliminates "dusting," too. This has led to a significant reduction in the volume of airborne particles in plants that have switched to the new induction system.

Ribbon Blenders

Ribbon BlenderMixquip® ribbon blenders generally consist of some type of closed container, usually with a shape similar to a feed trough. The shaft, with attached blades, is located inside the container. The blades of the ribbon blender look like two metal ribbons winding around the shaft, in a double helix design. The outer ribbon moves materials in one direction and the inner ribbon moves the materials in the opposite direction. The ribbons rotate at approx. 92 mpm, moving materials both radially and laterally to ensure thorough blends in short cycle times. Ribbon agitators are used for blends that will be between 40 and 100% of the rated capacity of the blender. It ensures mixing that reaches each and every corner of the trough and imparts radial and linear motion to the whole material/liquid that is being mixed.

The ribbon mixer can have a horizontal construction, where the shaft and blade are sideways in the container, or the shaft and blade can be in a vertical position.

Ribbon blenders are usually used when one of the items being mixed has a higher percentage of particles content, and it's important that all of the ingredients are mixed evenly. It can be used for food or medicine manufacturing as well as other heavy industry applications. The shape of the ribbon blender also ensures that no ingredients are left undisturbed on the bottom of the container, and that all portions of the mixture are blended evenly with the same ratio of ingredients.

Most ribbon blenders consist of an engine to power operation, a large trough to hold the material and a ribbon agitator that does the mixing.

A ribbon blender's agitator typically has metal ribbons, often in a double helical design, surrounding a central bar that extends the length of the trough. The ribbons are angled and balanced in such a way to continually move material within the container.

Due to the agitator's unique design, a ribbon blender moves material inside the trough towards the discharge point, thoroughly mixing the contents without any dead spots.

The ribbon blender is capable of mixing a large batch of ingredients in a short period of time. Instead of a simple stirring motion, the blender works the ingredients in different directions to ensure they are spread evenly.

Ribbon blenders are used to mix a wide range of both dry and wet materials, including such items as cereal, cosmetics, flavorings, gelatin, instant formula, medications, animal feed and food stuffs.

Lab Mixer

Lab MixerMixquip® lab mixers are suitable for mixing solid to liquid materials and liquid-to-liquid materials. Its strong torque motor is suitable for high viscous materials. Various agitators are designed for different processing capacities and various products. The agitators can be exchanged easily. They are used for lab batch dispersing and mixing. They are light and convenient to operate. They meet various requirements for lab dispersing and mixing through various speed control, digital speed display, stable operation, low noise, and continuous operation. Easy to clean and maintain.

The mixing blades are driven by the power unit and rotate in a fixed direction. During the rotating process, the agitator drives the materials through rotation in an axial and radial direction at the same time.

As an integral part of any laboratory or process environment, lab mixers perform a variety of functions including mixing, emulsifying, homogenizing, disintegrating and dissolving. With a capacity from 100ml up to 200 liters and the ability to mix in-line with flow rates up to 20 litres/minute, they offer excellent reproducibility when scaling up to full-scale production and provide an accurate and easy means of forecasting the performance of larger Mixquip® machines under full-scale working conditions.