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Key Industries

The most effective solutions come from innovation and understanding. This philosophy underpins Teralba's approach to partnering with customers to develop customised systems for process mixing, heat transfer and more.

Capable of processing gas, fluid, slurries and sludge, heat exchangers and process mixing products from Teralba are always constructed to suit the particular environment in which they will be used.

The many industries that use high quality heat exchangers, agitators, mixers and stainless steel products from Teralba include:

  • Food
  • Dairy
  • Beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals and explosives
  • Pulp and paper
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Mining

Call Teralba on 1300 20 70 20 to discuss a fluid processing solution for your needs.

Considered Customisation

Client requirements in process mixing systems, gas, fluid and sludge heat exchangers, pressure vessels and packaged systems differ greatly not only between industries but also between companies and locations. Working environments, space limitations, production capacity and cost considerations are among the many issues that can impact on final designs.

Being structured along production - rather than industry - capabilities allows our divisions to develop the highest level of proficiency and efficiency, constantly aiming to improve processes and systems. This ensures that clients benefit from the most innovative design, the highest quality manufacturing and the most stringent product testing.

Teralba Industries' capabilities include:

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Cutting and forming
  • Welding and finishing
  • Quality assurance
  • Testing
  • Delivery
  • Installation and service

In Global Demand

Teralba's innovative products are sought not only by a range of industries in Australia and New Zealand, but around the world. We have supplied systems to California, Spain and China - amongst others - for diverse applications, from wineries to pharmaceutical and alumina slurry processing plants.

Teralba Industries' in-house stainless steel fabrication facilities allow us to manufacture to any client designs and specifications. Not just providing expert advice on specialist projects, from confectionary to minerals and sludge heat exchangers and process mixing, our engineers can advise on solutions for architectural products, pilot plants and more.

Past stainless steel fabrication projects we have delivered include:

  • Commercial kitchens for restaurants, hotels and clubs
  • Architectural wall panelling and column covers
  • Rotary racking valves for adjusting sediment removal in liquid storage tanks
  • Chemical, pharmaceutical and industrial tanks, blenders, evaporators, conveyors and pipe work
  • Titanium fabrication
  • General sheet metal and pipe work

Providing experience, expertise, quality assurance and a dedication to innovation and improvement, Teralba can produce fluid processing solutions for any application. To discuss a custom process mixing system, gas, fluid or sludge heat exchangers or stainless steel fabrication, call Teralba today on 1300 20 70 20.

Wastewater Treatment

Energy recovery processing of hot waste effluents, anaerobic digested sludge and autoclave blow down wastes.

The inevitable processing of wastewater, sludge and commercial waste consequently represents a large disposal problem that is often costly to deal with. We have the focus, technologies and the know-how to deliver the best, most cost effective solutions for delivering efficient heat transfer and mixing solutions that help to reduce these processing costs significantly.

Heat Exchangers
The Teralba Dimpleflo® range of tubular heat exchangers are a particularly ideal choice in handling waste water and liquid streams which contain particulates that tend to foul other styles of heat exchanger equipment. Units are sized to fit into existing plant and the flexible configuration options mean that match up to existing pipework is attainable, thereby reducing plant disruption to a minimum.

Heat transfer products that are of vital importance to the wastewater treatment process are:

- Dimpleflo® Modubloc® Heat Exchangers for:
  • Anaerobic digester heating
  • Raw sludge heating
  • Energy recovery from waste streams

Mixers and Agitators
Just about every step in water and wastewater treatment processes depend on suspending solids, or having a flow stream mix uniformly with a liquid or gas. The right degree of fluid motion and shear stress is critical during each stage.

Teralba has developed a number of mixing techniques specifically for the water and wastewater industry. The mixing designs and techniques can be applied across all phases of the wastewater treatment process. We will work with you to find the right mixing operation that fits your needs and will continue to work with you to discover new opportunities to improve your operations and service life of mixing products, taking into consideration flow measures, power and mechanical loads. Innovative research and product testing under various mixing conditions allows us to help in maximizing your process efficiency.

Mixing products that are of vital importance to the wastewater treatment process are:

- Mixquip® Mixers for:
  • Ph stabilisation
  • Solid suspension
  • Polymerisation and dosing
  • Anaerobic digester bacteria uniformity
  • Teralba tanks

Chemical Industry

Heating and cooling of mineral slurries, gases, petrochemicals, polymers, fibres, inorganic chemicals, fertilisers, nitric acid and hydraulic oils.

With tough demands on the chemical industry, caused by extreme regulations and increasing energy prices, Teralba Industries is capable of meeting these demands and needs by providing quality products and energy efficient process solutions to the industry.

Heat Exchangers
The capacity that we have to fabricate in special alloys enables us to provide solutions to challenges where chemicals containing toxins repeatedly foul heat exchangers that are incorrectly selected and installed. The selection of correct materials, supply of equipment and elimination of repetitive heat exchanger clean out prove Teralba's ability to assess, analyse and provide answers.

Most vital to the chemical industry is the thermal efficiency of the energy intensive processes. Our energy efficient heat exchangers are used in applications such as cooling, condensing, evaporation, pre-heating and final heating of chemicals, especially viscous substances with large and high percentage of solids.

Mixers and Agitators
Teralba Industries mixing equipment is capable of coping with extreme corrosive and viscous applications effectively and efficiently, ensuring excellent levels of hygiene for a wide range of blending and mixing operations. Utilising the best hygienic materials with smooth finishes for use in critical applications, providing flexibility to tailored mixing and agitator systems, as well as the pumps and heat exchangers, to meet specific tank and process requirements.

Quality components manufactured from special alloyed materials, partnered with minimal maintenance requirements translates into higher productivity due to reduced downtime.

Mixquip® top, bottom, side and clamp-on models along with Teralba's Rummager® series are available for installation, offering a full spectrum of hygienic products that offer energy saving, high efficiency and ultra-clean solutions, adaptable to your specific needs.

Areas of application are:

  • Solids suspension
  • Chemical additions
  • Blending of two or more liquids
  • In-line mixing
  • Temperature control for tank heating/cooling dispersion high shear mixing

Mining & Mineral processing

Heating, cooling and separation of mineral slurries, for condensing, evaporation and dewatering, for complex separation processes and solvent extraction.

The mining industry demands high levels of uptime while operating in some of the most extreme climates and conditions in the world. Additionally, mines must preserve the environment and meet ever more stringent health, safety and environmental demands.

Teralba Industries is able to provide ideal solutions to any heat transfer application across the mining sector, utilising in-depth knowledge of heat transfer principles, theory and methods, through capabilities that include thermal and mechanical design, drafting and manufacture. To ensure optimum efficiency of operations, we will conduct on-site assessment and installation and follow up with preventative maintenance programs incorporating repairs and after sales support that ultimately allows the products to perform at their optimum peak.

Coping with the highly corrosive and fouling environments involved in mining and mineral processing demands solutions that are resilient, resistant to corrosion and fouling, and specifically designed for the mining industry.

The reliability and resilience of our heat transfer solutions are matched by our process expertise and thermal efficiency know-how, saving energy and boosting your profitability and positive environmental profile.

Pharmaceutical and Biotech

Processing of pyrogenic free water, dionised water, water for injectables, blood plasmas, therapeutic creams, shampoos and cosmetics.

Teralba Industries is trusted in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries for the heating, cooling and mixing of sterile products, working with the industry to develop key requirements of cleanliness, reliability and performance. Trusted by leading critical quality pharmaceutical organisations to supply special surface finished heat exchangers with familiarity and proficiency. The business has built extensive knowledge of the stringent demands enforced by control authorities and the industry since 1970, meeting demands and supplying solutions around the key technologies of separation, heat transfer and fluid handling.

Our experience and knowledge in sanitary applications has taught us the importance of hygienic design to minimize the risk of bacteriological growth and to eliminate risk factors such as air pockets, dead ends and stagnation zones. These areas of application include:

  • heating and cooling of WFI (water for injection) and blood plasma
  • mixing of vaccines
  • drug processing

Wine Industry

Winemaking is a seasonal undertaking, limited windows throughout the year where production can take place, therefore it is imperative that equipment used for the winemaking process is extremely efficient and highly reliable in order to ensure continuous, high intensity processing during these specific times.

Teralba Industries is a major supplier to the wine industry, providing experience, technologies and knowledge, gained through close cooperation with winemakers and consultants to meet the requirements of the industry through the companies three core technologies of heat transfer, mixing and stainless fabrication.

Heat Exchangers
Teralba Industries provides different ranges of heat exchangers to meet winemakers' different needs and to carry out specific tasks. These are usually plate heat exchangers, or tubular heat exchangers specially designed for heating or cooling liquid flows with particles, such as skins and seeds.

Market leading heat exchangers that are compact, modular, efficient, robust and durable. Teralba Industries innovative Dimpleflo® heat exchangers are used extensively and have proven very popular within the wine industry because of their effectiveness in must chilling, cold stabilization, fermentation control and pasteurization.

The superior features of Dimpleflo® tubular units:

The Dimpflo design is free draining with no continuous corrugations to retain product and the welded design provides excellent product integrity, therefore these units are totally hygienic.

Due to the high surface to volume ratio, thermal efficiencies and an extremely high transfer co-efficient combined with maximum turbulence created by the dimple profile, the Dimpleflo® heat exchangers are the most efficient tubular heat exchangers available.

Robust and Versatile
This tubular system has the ability to handle pressures of over 580 PSI/40 Bar, extreme temperatures of steam and refrigerant and can process products with up to 85% solids.

Maintenance free
The turbulence created by the dimple profiled tubes combined with the high viscosity in the fluid stream, minimises any product congealing tendencies.

Modular Construction
The Dimpleflo® Modular and Modubloc® designs use a unique bolt together system to join tubes, enabling unrivalled versatility by adding or re-configuring the heat exchanger to meet any charged or increased applications in the future. These units are also available with a mobile base enabling the unit to be moved around the winery with ease. The modular designs also allow for the formation of continuous jacketed lines for processing products while in transit.

Mixers and Agitators
Mixing solutions for cold stabilisation, wine storage and fermentation.

With a proven knowledge base and experience in mixing technologies and applications, Teralba Industries offers a wide range of efficient mixing equipment to ensure the desired expectations of the wine maker, achieving benchmarks in wine quality, shelf-life, hygiene standards, energy costs and manageability of large volumes.

With careful selection, and attention to detail for the clients needs, Teralba continuously provides the best results for each and every application, whether the requirement calls for heating, cooling or mixing.

Food and Beverage

Heating and cooling of fruit puree, meat products, biscuit dough's, sauces, jams, confectionary, pie fillings, vegetable products and pasta's.

Heating and cooling of wine products, grape must, beer wort, soft drink syrups, pasteurization for fruit and vegetable juices.

Success in the food and beverage industries is dependent on the balanced quality of appearance, flavour, texture of a product and an understanding of the industries needs and requirements. Our knowledge, equipment and service help customers to achieve this balance.

The modern food and processing industry is driven by todays consumer which looks for a tasty, wholesome and as natural as possible product at an efficient cost. Teralba supplies equipment that is gentle enough to preserve the natural flavours and aroma's.

Producing a commercial, viable product is made possible through Teralba Industries knowledge and understanding of the critical phases of delicate processing such as:

  • Pasteurizing
  • Musting
  • Fermentation
  • Maturation
  • Heating and cooling
  • Blending

Teralba has a long tradition with the food and beverage industry and offers solutions for many and varied areas of applications such as:

  • Milk and dairy
  • Viscous food products
  • Products containing particles
  • High salt containing products
  • High value fat and proteins for food ingredients
  • High starch containing products