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Turn-Key Heating and Pasteurising Packaged Systems

Aseptic Food Preparation Module Teralba Industries has the capacity to assess industry needs and create tailored solutions in the form of packaged systems.

The unique dimpled design of Teralba's tube heat exchangers allows us to develop solutions for a wide range of applications and products. Highly versatile systems are suited to most gases and fluids, from water to syrups, slurries and sludge. Heat exchangers are designed for use in critical hygiene applications and are highly corrosion resistant.

Turn-key package systems incorporating plate, immersion and tube heat exchangers can be developed for industries including:

  • Aseptic Food Preparation Module Food manufacturing
  • Brewery / Wine / Beverage production
  • Dairy pasteurisation
  • Wastewater engineering
  • Chemical processing

Whatever your application, from processing low-viscosity fluids to sludge, heat exchangers from Teralba can be tailored to suit. For more information,
contact Teralba today on 1300 20 70 20.

Customised Package Solutions

These are custom engineered and manufactured units, designed with a wide variety of standard features and options to meet the most demanding requirements and to comply with your specific design parameters.

Aseptic Food Preparation Module An example can be a pasteurisation system that accepts product at room temperature. It then heats the fluid to a pre-set pasteurisation temperature using Dimpleflo® Multitube™ tube heat exchangers and holds the temperature for a specified length of time (long enough to sterilise the product from active contaminates). The system then cools the product back to room temperature using cooling tower water and chilled water.

Teralba recognises the requirement for environmental responsibility and includes heat regeneration sections within the pasteuriser to reclaim as much energy as possible.

Compact and Fully-Integrated

These efficient gas, fluid and sludge heat exchangers are designed for use in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Systems are fully controlled and monitored via touch screen electronics. The units also incorporate CIP function and steam sterilisation.

Packaged systems are mounted on compact frames, configured and customised to fit within your operational structure and comply with space restrictions.

Components included in a standard pasteurisation unit can include:

  • Food Additive Pasteurization Skid

    Tube heat exchangers

  • Touch screen control panel

  • CIP function / steam sterilisation

  • Pressure relief equipment

  • Temperature and pressure gauges and instruments

  • Pumps

  • Steam controls / condensate trapping

  • Temperature and pressure control valves

For more information on Teralba's versatile range of gas, fluid and sludge heat exchangers, contact us today on 1300 20 70 20.