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Developed for industries processing chemicals, pulp and paper, dairy, wine and other beverages, pet food, waste and sludge; heat exchangers, agitator mixers and other stainless steel products from Teralba are designed for efficiency, quality and responsible use of resources.

Heat Exchangers

Adaptable for use in processes involving both low and high viscosity fluids, from hot water to biscuit dough, mineral slurries and sludge, heat exchangers can be designed by Teralba for any application.

Tube, coil and plate heat exchangers can be fabricated in a diverse range of materials, including Duplex stainless steels, hastalloy, zirconium and titanium, for highly corrosive atmospheres and high temperatures.

Modubloc Monotube UnitTeralba's range of recognisable brands includes:

  • Dimpleflo Multitube
  • Dimpleflo Monotube
  • Modubloc high pressure equipment
  • Accu-therm plate heat exchangers
  • Coilflo

These products differ in their ability to be customised to suit customers with limited space (Multitube and Coilflo systems), to be used in aggressive applications, including at high temperatures, with high particulate fluid or sludge (heat exchangers in the Monotube range), and ability to be reconfigured (Modubloc).

Agitator Mixers

IBC Tote PT Rummager Key brands within Teralba's range include:

  • Mixquip
  • Rummager
  • Statflo
  • Ross dispersion machines

Efficient design is evident across the agitator mixer range, from Mixquip top, side and base entry agitators to Rummager IBC mixers.

As with Teralba's range of heat transfer systems, Mixquip products and Rummager IBC mixers and agitators can be used in a diverse range of applications.

Stainless Fabrication

Stainless Fabrication Teralba works with a range of stainless alloys in the manufacturing process, using the latest design, engineering and fabrication technologies to produce quality stainless steel products to specification.

A market leader in the fabrication of pressure vessels and hydrocyclones, Teralba can produce systems for very high volume applications.

Ensuring the long life of our products involves not only using quality materials, but also engineering complete solutions. For example, Teralba hydrocyclones are often used in conjunction with other separator technologies to effectively protect the hydrocyclone from oversized particle damage.

Packaged Systems

Packaged Systems Teralba equipment is designed, manufactured and installed as a total solution, ensuring that all specific requirements and design parameters are met.

Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to custom-build agitator mixers, IBC mixers, hydrocyclones, pressure vessels, tube, coil and plate heat exchangers as part of turn-key systems with electronics, frames, gauges, pressure relief equipment and more.

For more information on processing any fluid, from hot water to sludge, with heat exchangers, IBC mixers and other stainless equipment,
call Teralba today on 1300 20 70 20.

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