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Continually re-evaluating our processes and technologies, we achieve customer satisfaction through exploring, sourcing, marketing and delivering product solutions that meet the ever-growing requirements of the industries we service.

Meeting challenges presented by clients and the marketplace underpins Teralba Industries' core values:

  • Innovation - fundamental to our business, this is evident in a number of our trademark products, from Dimpleflo heat transfer systems (including Modubloc sludge heat exchangers) and Rummager IBC mixers
  • Efficiency - we provide energy-saving heat transfer systems, process mixing equipment, hydrocyclones and stainless steel products in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • Environmental responsibility - we create products that reduce energy consumption, with 90 per cent made from recyclable materials
  • Quality - All Teralba products go through stringent quality control measures that adhere to Australian Standards as well as International Standards associated with our export markets
  • Solutions - With qualified product specialists in each key area of the business (heat transfer systems, process mixing and stainless steel fabrication), we can assist with any sales or technical enquiry

Design and Engineering

Teralba designers and engineers create flexible solutions, meeting many and varied applications and specific industry needs, from process mixing for pharmaceutical, mineral processing, food and sludge, to heat exchangers in unlimited styles and sizes. These include:

With detailed design facilities, up-to-date software and extensive experience, we are able to work closely with our clients on special projects where unique and one-off designs are required. This also allows us to provide complete solutions, for example using hydrocyclones in conjunction with other separator technologies for effective equipment protection.

Modular product designs - as seen in our range of Modubloc heat exchangers - allow for future plant expansion and reconfiguration. Designs are configured to ensure that capital equipment can be installed with the peace of mind that future expansion requirements are covered.


Cutting, forming, welding and finishing are all undertaken in-house by our team of qualified professionals using state-of-the-art equipment. Performing all design and manufacturing in-house ensures quality control, faster turnaround and enhanced service and repair capabilities.

Teralba has a team experienced in the fabrication of stainless steel, titanium and duplex alloys utilising welding technologies involving gas tungsten-arc welding, gas metal-arc welding and fully automated processes.

For more information on process mixing equipment for a diverse range of fluids, including food products, pharmaceuticals and sludge, heat exchangers, hydrocyclones, and other stainless steel products, contact Teralba today on 1300 20 70 20.

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